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Ford Focus 2013 1.6tdci sports cat

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Hey guys i got a stage 1 map on my car and next step is a turbo back exhaust system with a dpf delete and a sport cat.

I'm just wondering, I'm looking for a sports cat for this car. Do you know if I have to buy a specific one for the car like I've seen ford focus stmk2 stainless Steel sport cat but wondered will that work with mine Or should all I look for is a sport cat for a certain size like 63mm etc.? I'm only trying to source the sports cat. The tuner will be supplying the turboback exhaust for me.

If anyone knows of places to get sports cat would love to know.

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The mk2 ST cat won't fit your exhaust (unless you got a custom one to suit). The cat is flanged both sides and part of the mid section.

If he's supplying a turbo back exhaust then that includes the cat? A cat back exhaust wouldn't include the cat.

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