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1.0 ecoboost blown turbo??

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Just been on the motorway and the power kept coming and going, just come off and now I have no power and when I rev the engine or even just accelerate the turbo makes a whining noise .

I'm guessing turbo has gone?

Anyone know roughly how much I'm looking at to get it repaired?

And am I OK to drive it to the garage?

It's a 2015 1.0 ecoboost focus



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Turbocharger failure is not a common problem on the 1.0 ECOboost. If the turbocharger fails on this engine there is usually another problem that caused the turbocharger to fail. For example oil starvation caused by particles of the disintegrated wetbelts.

If the turbocharger has failed the cause of the failure should always be investigated and corrected. Just installing a new turbocharger may well result in failure of the new turbocharger also.

Pumaspeed sells used low mileage (£270.00) , remanufactured (£450.00) and new £630.00) original turbochargers for the 1.0 ECOboost. These are considerably less expensive than the same turbochargers from Ford.

You should no longer drive the car in this condition. If the turbocharger has really failed driving the car can easily result in engine damage as parts and debris of the turbocharger can be sucked into the engine.

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It is very difficult to diagnose turbocharger problems over the internet.

However a whining noise from the turbocharger is a well known indication of a failed turbocharger. The fact that the turbocharger makes a whining noise and there is a serious lack of power both indicate that the turbocharger has failed.

I recommend to inspect all pipes, hoses and other parts between the turbocharger and the throttle body for air leaks (loose hoses/clamps and cracked/ruptured parts). If no air leaks are found the problem is usually the turbocharger itself.

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