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On my 2008, 1.8, petrol engined Ford Focus there are a couple of pipes on the cooling system which look for all the world to be bleed valves. However, the Haynes manual makes no mention of them which puzzles me. I don't know what they can be if they're not bleed valves but I don't want to use them as such if that's not their function. Can anyone enlighten me?

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I suspect that I may have been mislead by the way things are set up and that the bleed valve - if that's what it is - is part of the power steering system. Even so, there's still no mention of it in the manual so I remain puzzled.

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On 4/11/2021 at 5:57 PM, Luke4efc said:

Does your car have air conditioning? It's probably the port used to recharge the system.

Apologies for the delay but you are perfectly correct, sir, thank you. Unfortunately this was something that never occurred to me.

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