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Ford escort mk2 chassis number check

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Can any one help me with some information on my South African mk2 escort I brought 

It's got a app.... Chassis number been changed (stolen and recovered) so its been given a new number?? 

I'm having problems with the dvla on getting a logbook...

On all the paperwork is not showing year of manufacture... 



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I'm not sure what DVLA do these days, but when the age of a vehicle could not be determined for what ever reason they used to issue a plate with the year letter "Q"

Since the current style of number plate has been in use we no longer have year letters and the Q has not been used.

Do you know what the cars orginal VIN / Chassis number was when left the factory ?

I used to own 4 diffrent Escort Mk2's back in the 70's & 80's. I seem to remember that the end 8 or so charaters of the chassis number was also stamped on the engine block.

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Hi all Iv got is the vin plate on the front???? And New number stamped on the suspension top mount 

I don't know how to read the plate on the front 

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Does the VIN end with two letters then five numbers ?

I think the two letters give year and month, what are they ?

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