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Mk4 panorama/headliner rattle

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Hi all!

Just picked up my new focus st 2021 model and I love the car! Long story cut short - Had far too many issues with the kuga PHEV so ford credit agreed to terminate the contract.

 So after a 6 month wait, finally collected my ST last week. BUT ... there’s a constant rattle from the headliner/sunroof area above the passenger side vanity area that’s apparent when the roof is open or closed. 
 Iv tried using lubricant on the plastics and runners, pushed sponge between the headliner and roof itself and even added tape along the bay def of the sunroof thinking it might be rattling against the glass upon contact when closer. But all to no avail. 
I really don’t want to take it back to ford and have their Bodyshop guys rip the roof apart so was wondering if there is anyone out there that had had the same or similar issues and how it was resolved.

 I wouldn’t mind so much if it was a small rattle but it’s constantly there - even when I start the car! 

quick fix is turn up the radio - but I shouldn’t have to in a 35k car. 

 Any help of info would be much appreciated 

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I know you don't want to, and I can understand why but your going to have to take it back to a Ford Dealer. It could be that the roof drain is not connected properly and you don't want rain water pouring through the headliner !!

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Thanks for the info. It’s rained a bit since Iv had it and the car has stayed dry. 
 I know it’s looking like ford will need to sort it out. Doesnt seem to be a common fault so wondered if it was just a one off 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Hi, my 2020 active x estate which has a pano roof, had a rattle from the roof liner which I lived with for almost a year. I tried to track it down and eventually gave up and took it into a Ford Dealership . The rattle was plastic/metallic rattle, especially in cold weather. The dealership told me it was subject of a TSB (technical service bulletin ) and cured it .  I did have to return to the dealership as the sunroof blind needed resetting afterwards.   My rattle was passenger side L H  but seemed to move forward and back, mostly to the rear.    Help this helps

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