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Thinking about and engine swap.

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My focus has 144k on the clock now. I have the 16tdci and Etis says I have the Duratorq CR TC (115ps) DV6. Occasionally, I get the injector learning limit DTC and I also get the moaning noise from my clutch/flywheel. On ebay, my injectors start around £80 each for used ones. 

I have seen complete engines on ebay that have done only 45k for around £1000 delivered. 

My thinking is, if I am going to spend nearly £400 on injectors and then at some point I'm going to change the clutch, should I just swap out the engine? 

However.....i have a few questions....

The engines I see on ebay are T1DA and T1DB. Are these the right engine for my car?

What would I have change in terms of the engine management system (injector codes etc) and could I do this via forscan? 

Also, I assume I would have to notify DVLA and my insurance? 


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I've done this in the past and not bothered telling DVLA.  As it's the same size/power/emissions there's no point.

However that was on 90s & 00s cars with engine failure in one way or another...lot of hassle on a modern car for very little gain in your case.  

Used injectors will probably be scrap.  Used clutch will probably be scrap.

You have no idea how well the engine has been treated compared to yours.  Might have been bounced off the limiter from cold every morning and rarely serviced.

144k on diesel internals isn't much.  I'll bet you can still see hone marks on the bores.  Turbo is likely to be the next thing after clutch and injectors, but again you don't know the condition of a used one.

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I'm not sure how my engine was treated in the past as it was a police car in a previous life! 

I wouldn't fit a used clutch but was tempted with the injectors. My thinking was, even if they were crap, I'd have a spare set that I could get serviced. 

With the turbo, is this something that can be serviced by yourself or is it a specialist job? And what are the signs of going bad? 


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Police cars have to be maintained well and are driven by people with extra training - I'd be more worried about the interior than the engine! :unsure: :biggrin: 

The injectors on these are known to be poor, I really wouldn't bother with used ones myself.  It'll probably be cheaper to buy refurbished ones than to buy a used set to have refurbished.

Turbo refurbs are a specialist job, and I'm not even sure if Garrett supply parts for them as they're such a precision item.  A lot of noise or lack of boost are the usual symptoms of failure - though if you pop an oil seal you'll also get a tonne of smoke.  And if it's on the intake side, risk of diesel runaway.

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