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P2002 Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)

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Hi All,

I bought a 64 plate 1.6TDCI Focus a few months ago mainly because my job had changed and I would be required to do quite high mileage (110 miles per day). 

I have been doing this journey for about 10 days which is all motorway driving at or close to 70mph.

Yesterday on the way to the office, the Engine Malfunction message came up and the car went in to limp mode. I left the car at work and upon driving back 8 hours later the fault had cleared and it drove normally. Almost arriving at home and the Engine Malfunction message came up again and once again the car went in to limp mode.

I plugged in Forscan and there is only 1 DTC.

P2002 Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank1)

The car has only done 47,000 miles. Surely this is not a failing DPF as since I have had it, it has been really only used for fast, longish motorway journeys.

Anything else this fault could mean or anything I should do to clear it permanantly?

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Thanks for the reply. 

Anyone know where you check in Forscan when the last regen was. 

I have had the car 3 months and this is the first time this code has sprung up. Since owning I have done about 2000 miles with the last 10 days being 110 miles a day on the motorway. 

It's the first diesel I have ever owned and the 2nd problem I have had. First problem was plastic vacuum pipes that had cracked. 

I am really regretting getting a diesel car now. Previous car was a Focus Mk1.5 petrol which I had for 11 years with no issues. 

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Have a look for PID's in the PCM Module. You can either scroll through them or do a search. Not all cars have a distance since last regen PID or Ashfull,  my old 2.5 did not.

The best thing to check is the DPF Differential Pressure at Idle and when running. Ashfull is a theoretical value and does not do much when it comes to diagnosis and the last Regeneration might not tell you much either. It may be that the last owner removed the innards if the Particulate Filter and it is confusing things.

I'm not sure if your engine uses a Vaporizer or not, but if it does and the filter is clogged then that is the most likely culprit.

You should be able to do a Static Regen under Service Procedures. If you do so then heat up the engine first, make sure there is nothing too close to the exhaust, keep the Bonnet up and your Laptop is charged because it can take 1/2 hour. It will only complete a Regen if everything is ok.

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Coming in to the office today it didn't do it at all. I cleared the DTC last night and it has got here (approx 55 miles) and so far it has not thrown another DTC. 

I am kind of wondering if the owner before me (an elderly lady) didn't use it a lot and now I am hammering it up and down the motorway it is kind of clearing crap out. 

I drove most of the 55 miles at 70mph in 5th gear at about 2600RPM just to keep the temperature up. 

It only had one owner before me and I doubt very much she would have done any modifications to the DPF. 

The car runs fine generally and it passed it's MOT in January just when I got it with no advisories so emissions must be ok.

I will see what happens on the way home in a few hours. 

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