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Focus Mk4 (SA series) strange clicking sound from gearbox

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Hi all, I have a Focus 2019 Mk4 (SA series here in Oz) since January 2021 and have noticed that when the engine's nicely warmed up, I hear a strange soft click when I touch the accelerator, or when the gears shift down, but I don't hear it any other time. It's recently had it's 15k service and the car dealership couldn't find anything wrong. 

It's a 1.5L turbo, 134kW engine, automatic by the way.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this?

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I did ask them to check and tighten the rear motor mount during the service, clicking still heard, unfortunately. I believe they do check the mounts and tighten it up during the 15k service - I'll go through the report later today.

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