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Immobiliser malfunction problems

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Hi guys my 2014 ford Kuga won't start getting Immobiliser malfunction service now have to hold the key next to the push start button to get it going sometimes it's starts like that other times have to leave a few hours it's been on the computer but showing no faults.

thanks guys

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Hi John, Welcome to the Ford Owners Club - Have you tried using the other key, assuming that you have more than one?

Is the key transponder loop not located on the stearing column where the ingnition barrel would be if it had one. If it is try holding you keyfob near there and see if it starts.

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Have used the other key just the same have changed battery's have held key fob next to the transponder have to try five six times to get it started today was parking aid sensor the engine malfunction then it started.

Thanks guys

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Hi John, it sounds like you have a bit of a fault developing. You need to get the DTC fault codes and see whats going on.

The batteries in the keyfobs are nothing to do with the immobiliser, they are only for the remote lock/unlock. The immobliser chip inside the keyfob is a passive device which only transmits it's code when its within range of the cars transponder areial.

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