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Ford focus Mk1 rear drum brake backing plates


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My rear drum brake backing plates are rusted up comletely and I can not get a hold of new ones that easy. I have found this: Genuine Ford Focus MK1 Rear N/S Drum Brake Backing Plate 1075552 (maiergroupl.com)

But they seem to be for only one side. Are backing plates side dependent? They have two different part numbers 1075551 and 1075552 or YS4Z-2212-CA and YS4Z-2211-CA

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Hi Karl - Welcome to the Ford Owners Club.

Yes they are different the one above is for the N/S (near side / passenger side).

If the only problem is they are a bit rusted then remove them and get them sand/bead blasted it will only cost a few pounds. Any company that refurbishes wheels will have a bead blasting equipment.

Once they are nice and clean just buy a can of spray on Hammerite Paint (lots of diffrent colours to choose from), and they will look better than new 😀

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Okay, thanks! And it is totally impossible to have them fit for near side fit on passenger side? Mine is well beyond sand blasting... I've got a 4cm hole straight through...

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The "Near Side" is the passenger side. The "Off Side" is the drivers side.

That link is for the N/S but you can not use that on the O/S. The back plates are a mirror image of each other


This is the O/S back plate: https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/uk/251609426d-rear-brake-drum-backing-plate-right.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwyN-DBhCDARIsAFOELTlbkB9_7A0a9v19wb6DiHGdqG9O10seVniUDa7qWdWgVXkYdpu6Nq0aArA0EALw_wcB

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