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Locking bolt remover for 2014 zetec navigator

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I recently lost the adapter that unscrews the circular locking bolt on the wheels of my 2014 ford focus zetec navigator. I can't find a replacement that fits. Be grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction. Note: it's the circular bolt, there's one on each wheel. Thanks!

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Hello Cam2872, and Welcome to the Ford Owners Club 😀

So you have lost the locking wheel nut, oh dear but not the end of the world. You could take it to a Ford Service department and hope they have one that will take them off, but there are hundreds of different pattens.

Do a Google for local specialist engineering companies near you. They can normally get them off quite quickly but you will need to buy replacments.

I assume that you don't have the orginal handbook together with all the little bits of card and leaflets that Ford like to put in the owners handbook. If you do have it then look for a bit of white card just a bit bigger than a credit card, it will have a number on it which is the code for your missing locking wheel nut

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Ford should have the lock nut number in their system but they'll interrogate you first before releasing it. They don't seem to give the number now. When I asked my dealer why not he said there's only about 20 different combinations anyway.

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Any local garage will either have a universal set that will get them off, or will just knock a socket over it.

Either way just bin them and get normal lug nuts, nobody is going to steal your wheels.

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Luke is right.

I had the same problem and just took off the locking nuts remaining on my Focus cars and fitted regular lug nuts.

It's been a few years on since their removal and my alloys are all still there despite visiting and parking up in some dodgy areas of Birmingham.

You can get a replacement locking key from McGard in the EU, Germany I think. There are UK agents also who are easier to deal with, this is one I have used see here but for some reason the actual site seems to be down right now.


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