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Clutch pedal vibrating and stuck at bottem

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Hi, so this morning there was no issue at all. Dropped off the girlfriend then went to work. 5 hours later i get in the car to go pick her up again and when i wanted to drive away the clutch pedal heavily vibrated. This continued in all gears. Decided to pull over 200 meters further to find my clutch didnt even want to come up anymore. It was stuck at the bottem (it lifted like 10%). Put my toes under it and i managed to get it up.

After i did that, it got unstuck but now my clutch pedal comes up really smooth the first 80%, then i hold it there and it vibrates for the last 20% when i let it up. Before it did not do this at all! Its on 164.000km. 
went back to the garage and they couldnt find anything (even checked under the car). He also drove it a bit and said he didnt notice anything weird. But to my drive home it is still a lot different that before. 

anyone know whatsup? Thanks!

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