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Wireless charging


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Anyone with an I phone 12 and had car with the wireless charger having any issues?

My I phone 12 charges wirelessly in the house Ok but it only charges for a minute or two in the car and then disconnects  I have tried an old I phone 8 in the car and it charged fine 


hoping to try a friends phone soon 

kinda pointing toward the handset but then it charges in the house🤔

Sorry if I have already missed any posts relating

Any thoughts - advice 

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Is it moving off the charging "hot-spot" while you're driving?

Early MK4 Focuses had a problem with this until Ford upgraded the mat to hold it in position better

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Hi Graham,

Although I have a Mk4 Focus it's the iPhone 12 camera bump causing the problem for me. It doesn't let the phone sit flat on the charging pad.

My old XS max charged no problem. Both phones wirelessly charge no problem in the house.

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Hi Colin, my car doesn't have the wireless charging, but then again neither does my phone 🤣. I've not actually seen the system in the Focus.

Do you still have the rubber mat for the phone to sit on or do you get some sort of cradle ?

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