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Random electrical gremlins

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The car is a 2012 focus and recently the car has been throwing up random electrical faults and car faults.

Last night it was the low speed assistant, the tpms and the steering rack, nothing actually seemed broke so I pulled over and restarted the engine and sat for a while and none came back ok on, this morning all seemed fine just worried something is on its way out but did wonder if it might just be an earthing issue?

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Thanks, got a charger and some electrical probes so can check that. I'm fairly sure it's a motorcraft branded battery so possibly either original or could just have been changed previously at Ford.


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Changed the battery for a slightly stronger (higher Ah) and still randomly does it.

Does seem more likely to do it if it's been raining, has done it 3 times in 2 days this week and always during or after rain, an engine restart clears the faults and don't return on restarting the engine.

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