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Mk3 focus estate 2012 aerial

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Hello all,

Im replacing my headunit and im planning to replace the aerial and base. Has anyone replacement the aerial and base? How difficult is it? I don't really want to strip the complete headlining out if not necessary? 

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Can't be certain if the same as my Mk2, but all I had to do was remove the central courtesy light to get access, then you simply unbolt and replace. Many seem to be able to do it as a one man job, my arms weren't long enough so I got the help of a friend LOL

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On a Focus MK3 the antenna base is located at the rear of the car so to obtain enough space to disassemble the antenna base the headliner needs to be dropped at least 2 or 3 Inches.

The easiest way is to drop the headliner at the rear only. However the headliner is quite fragile and easily folds (which will remain visible). Becasue of this the headliner should be handled with care.   

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I replaced the aerial of my 2014 estate 3-4 weeks ago because i wanted a DAB aerial. It was a pain in the ***** taking off those teeth plastic clims (they're the two that's in the center close to the tailgate), honestly if you don't have detrimming kit then i would suggest getting one. i put all my strength into removing them and they just wouldn't come out. after 30+ mins of attempting, i finally got them out. there's two of them.

You also should remove some of the trims around the rear windows that's next to the tail gate as that holds the headliner in too.

make sure you got a spanner that can go far enough and be careful you don't want to bend it too much. mine did wrinkle a bit while doing it but it went after putting it all back.

removing the metal clip was a pain too, if you have big hands then good look. i suggest you get used to your new aerial  by removing the metal clip that holds it in so you can see how to remove it in the car.

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