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2019 Ford Focus Dessert Island Blue - Scratch removal quotes

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Hi all,

Unfortunately over the weekend, someone keyed front passenger door of my 2019 Ford Focus ST Line in Dessert Island Blue. I've only had the car for 2 weeks so still in the 'babying' stage where I want to clean it every other day. 

So I've been out to Trustford and some other bodyshops from Google. Trustford is quoting me £550 as they said they need to do the whole front passenger door and blend over the wheel arch and the rear passenger door to smooth it all out. 

ChipsAway is quoting me alot less at 250 to fix it. Speaking to them, they mention that they have to blend colours together to get a pearl finish, to match the Dessert Island Blue. 

This is my first experience of repairing a scratch, but I'm wondering whether having a Ford in this Dessert Island Blue, means that no one apart from ford will be able to match the right colour? I'm just worried that the end result to going with alternative bodyshops will result in my passenger door have a slightly different colour to the rest of the car.

Apologies for the lack of correct word to describe, I'm abit new to this and want to know if going to Ford is the best way, or can others do the same job? 

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Sorry for your trouble David. Any decent body place will be able to correctly match the paint. No way are 'Ford' the only people to be able to get a decent paint finish no matter what colour it is! If you can, ask around locally, word of mouth from a trusted friend is worth far more than any fancy web site. If you do visit other body shops, take the opportunity to see the work they have in progress to judge quality.

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