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I have a mk1 1.8 focus zetec I'm having trouble with iacv I've replaced it 4 times now with after market ones and I've had nothing but over revving and idling problems, I've replaced everything with new parts, the car runs perfectly fine until stopping for lights or standing in traffic, I've unplugged the control valve when the engine is warm the car runs perfectly and ticks over at 800 drives sweet no over revving,( here's the question when running the car with the iacv unplugged will this make the car run rich or lean or normal just wandering if its safe) until I can source another but trying to find a genuine one that doesn't cost an arm or a leg been quoted £150.00 by my local Ford dealer 

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I can't directly answer your question but what might help is the following. I've been through exactly the same problem - same car, same engine.  I'd replaced the IACV with aftermarket more than once but it never really worked.  I got lucky and got a NOS Ford one for £30 off ebay, together with the correct rubber double o ring gasket.  Still only a small improvement. However, I then removed and cleaned the mass air flow sensor on top of the air inlet ducting.  The screws are awkward and you need to knock off the little pin the middle with a small punch or drift and a hammer. The screws are the star type and quite tight.  I had to drill the head off one out as it was v tight.  Simple 6mm screw I think. Then mole grips will easily get the remaining stud out.  Be careful when cleaning the very tiny element - there is a spray for exactly this job.  I used a fine artists brush too.  Bottom line - it worked - no more 2-3000 rpm when coming to a halt.  Hope that helps.  Good luck!

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