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Escort mk4 1.4 vs 1.4i

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Hi, I'm considering buying a mk4 Escort and I can't find much info on the differences between the 1.4 and the 1.4i, except the obvious, one has a carburetor and one has fuel injection.

Which one is better and what are the differences?

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Think it's the same CVH engine but the carb is replaced with a big single point injector. Don't know if anything else is different.

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Hello Dan and welcome to the Ford Owners Club.

I owned a brand new 1988 Orion 1.4 GL Plus, and then a 1990 Orion 1.6 EFi Ghia. So in effect an Escort with a boot.

The difference in the engines was like night and day. Unless you have to have the 1.4 for insurance reasons I would go for the 1.6 every time. As far as I know all the Escort and Orion 1.6 engines were EFi after July 1990, before that date if the engine was injection it was a Bosch mechcanical system.

I'm not sure about the 1.4i but would expect that after 1990 it also would have been EFi

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Thanks for your answers!

In my case it's a mix of being a beginner driver that don't want too much power, insurance reasons and availability, I can't find a 1.6 where I'm from. I found 2 mk4 Escorts 1.4, one carbureted and one injected, and didn't found much info about what differences they have and which one to choose. I don't think there are much differences, but I was curious.

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