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Retrofit Original Keyless Entry System


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Can’t find anything on here that has any info on what I want.

I’m wondering if anyone knows how to retrofit original keyless entry onto a MK4 Focus? Or if Fords can do this themselves as an add-on? 

I’m looking to add keyless entry to my car as it would make my job a lot easier and hassle free, but have only found eBay versions online that require wiring know how which I do not have.


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Well, Ford deleted keyless (passive) entry sensors on the door handles from the rear doors at your model anyway, so you would only need to upgrade the front.

There is probably a lot of wiring involved if the cabin harness does not support.

It's still do-able but you would need (worse case)

Driver and front passenger door harnesses (from a donor - Titanium up)

Driver and passenger door handles (with the sensors in)

Driver and passenger rear door harnesses (the passive entry KEY-SENSORS sensors are normally on the rear doors)

3x additional keyless sensors (each rear door and boot)

Overlay wiring in cabin (or take cabin harness from donor too???)

Configure Passive Entry using Forscan in DDM,PDM IPC and BCM

A ford dealer will not do it


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Hi Simon, anything is possible but is it worth it and is it a good idea?

Dave has covered everything needed. The cost and the time involved will be high and not add any real value to the resale. My advice would be live with what you have or consider changing to a car with more toys

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