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Car starts then cuts out straight away but only when cold. Help please?

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Alright guys, new poster here but I've got an issue with my MkII 1.6 Diesel Focus. 

A couple of weeks ago, my car started in the morning, then cut out straight away, then wouldn't start again. At the time, my local garage was closed, so I got a mobile mechanic out. After a bit of deliberating he said it was the fuel injection pump. As they're quite pricey I wanted a second opinion so got a good friend of mine (qualified mechanic by trade) to have a look, after plugging his laptop in and reading the fuel pressure was really low, agreed it was something in the fuel system and best to start with the high pressure fuel sensor first, and eliminate issues as they go. Since this didn't work, I replaced the in tank pump, and finally had to grit my teeth and order an injection pump. Picked it up last night and it was running brilliantly, started first time, no issues. Its had a new fuel filter on it too and the EGR has been cleaned too.

This morning however, same issue. Started up first time, then cut out again, then refused to start. So the issue seems to arise only when the engine is cold. Perhaps there's a faulty return valve that is sending all fuel back to tank after time? I thought I'd ask here cos im close to ripping my hair out! 

Cheers gents. 


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