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Can you help identify this please?


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Hello all and thank you + sorry i have only just joined and am asking for help (the reason i joined in honesty)

The car is a 2005(ish) ford focus, with (i think) a duratorq tdci 1.6 engine.
It is a friends car, and i have just looked at it to see if i can work out where the coolant leak is coming from.

I have found the source of the leak, but am not much wiser (it is not where i was expecting to find a leak...).
If you can please see the attached photo, there are small holes below the exhausts manifold. (i found this photo off the internet, as it is the only one that shows the "holes")
The coolant leak is coming from the "hole" with the red arrow.

I have looked over the internet for several hours, but i can not find anywhere that tells me what these "holes" are or why coolant should be coming out of one of them...
If they are water jacket plugs, they are very small and hard to access (at the back of the engine), rusted and generally i expect a pig of a job to replace. 
Or is more a case of a cracked head and coolant should not be coming from there.... 😞 

Any help would me much appreciated & i really hope this post is allowed





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Crikey, what a first post! Sorry for your troubles and I hope you can get that engine sorted. I have an interest as I have that vintage car with similar engine. Hopefully you'll get someone knowledgeable along soon, and welcome to the forum...

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Thank you Stephen... And i know, sorry about the "first post"
I have looked everywhere and can not find what these "holes" are, so i posted here hoping an expert will tell me.
I am still looking around on the internet, and may be coming to the conclusion they are manufacturing holes... and the head is cracked 😞

Thanks again


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