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Hey guys, I am currently building a Ford Fiesta WRC rep of the 2011 rally car made by M-Sport (seeing as though they are 3 miles away from me lol Malcom is confused)

I am looking for advice on fitment and parts that would work/part that would have to be custom manufactured to work. 

money or time isn’t really a big factor in this as the car so far looks the part, just needs the guts to be the part.

so I’m looking to convert the standard Fiesta MK7 S1600 1.6 N/A engine which churns out a measly 134bhp to be swapped with the Mk3 Focus RS 2.3 engine and all running gear. 

(so in short it will just be a fiesta RS tbh)

i know it is possible to fit the 2.3 RS MK3 engine in, but I’m struggling to see if ALL the parts with (subframes, uprights and suspension etc.) as I know the RS is obviously wider and longer. So a lot of custom work will have to be done.

the engine will be fully forged by Mountune and it will be a sequential dog box by Quaife (I’m sure they were making one for the MK3 back in 2018) 

(the car already has a ST180 rear axle but quite useless if you want to put a diff and individual rear subframe in huh?)

so this is going to be a large project and will involve a lot of moving around and cutting parts off (I.e spare wheel bay)

if any MK3 RS owners can assist in my ventures with measurements and all sorts that would be amazing!


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