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Mk4 battery/starter issue

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Hi all. I'm new here, just looking for anyone's advice/opinion on an issue with my 2019 mk4 focus vignale (182hp 1.5L auto petrol). I bought it 2nd hand a week ago from Holdcroft Hanley, seemed in good nick and came with 3m warranty (plus the manufacturers). Anyway, I drove it 12 miles and had a break at a relative's place. On going to restart the engine, several warning lights came on, ticking noise, and the engine wouldn't start. Now I am new to autos and keyless ignition, so thought maybe I was doing something wrong. Tried it a few more times - same thing. On about the 5th time of asking, white smoke came from under the bonnet, smelling of plastic.


Obviously I called Holdcroft who came to pick it up - but their solution was basically to change the battery (one cell was dead), and apparently everything works now. Now to my mind that is not good enough, as surely the white smoke represents some failure of the starter sequence (motor, solenoid, or cables), secondary to the battery issue, but which will also eventually fail. Various mechanic forums and the mechanic I have used for a number of years seem to agree.


The whole situation is complicated by the fact that a) I have 7 days remaining of the money back guarantee, so could just tell them to take the car back, but b) this was the only example of this engine/gearbox/trim on sale anywhere in the country and I really like it. At the same time I do not want to be driving around in a time bomb.


My questions for you knowledgable lot are: would you keep this car, wait for the starter to fail and hope it's covered under the 3 year warranty? Or would you just return it? Has anyone had the same problem and what was the solution?



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That’s a tough one. How long of manufacturers warranty is left? I’m not part of the knowledgeable lot but I have the same engine and gearbox in a STLX and know why you really want to hold on to it. For me it’s all about warranty in this case. 

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Hi Alex. I have 12m of the manufacturers warranty left and 3m holdcroft warranty for what it's worth.

Holdcroft sent it to Ford Stoke at my request - had a call from them where they said they had checked the solenoid, starter motor and the battery, did a road test and could not find anything wrong. They also said if the starter motor fails it would be covered under the ford warranty. I think I am going to keep it for now and rely on the warranty/consumer rights act if anything else goes wrong.

The engine is brilliant! This is a major step up for me from my poverty spec 2012 A3 so looking forward to getting it back in many ways

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Josh, because of the 12 months manufacturers warranty id hold on to it.  
Mine was a step up from a 2010 Vauxhall Astra SRi 1.6 110bhp. SRI these days is just a mid range Vauxhall. Looking back now it was crap! The STX is actually the first auto I’ve owned , I’m really pleased with it. It’s a lease car so in a years time I’ll maybe get a hybrid or EV. AFAIK Ford have discontinued the 182 engine for uk . So yeah , enjoy 

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