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MK3.5 fog/driving lights as DRL


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Hi all,

I have a 2016 Focus MK3.5.  It doesnt have the DRL strip in the headlights (I didnt spec it, it was bought at 2 years old).  I think that DRL are a good safety feature and have been looking into fitting this/some.

1) Replace the headlights with DRL version.  New OEM ones are expensive, non OEM ones are still fairly expensive.  Second hand (eBay) seem variable quality.

2) Replace the fog/driving lights plastic surround with ones that have DRL attached.  I have read that the quality can be a bit hit and miss.

3) Use the fog/driving lights as DRL

Has anyone done 3?  Is it possible or allowed?



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Hi Alan, unless you have a big budget I would probably forget option 1. Then you could look at option 2, yes there are some poor quality units out there but then they are cheap. You can probably find some after market DRL which are reasonable at a fair price.

Option 3 is a Yes/No. Yes it is possible to turn on the Fog lights via ForScan and use them as DRL's. No it is not legal in the UK to use Fog lights as DRL's. Vehicle lighting regulations in the UK say that front fog lights have to be wired in such a way that they can only be turned on when the normal dipped headlights are on. Also the use of fog lights by a driver in good clear visability is an offence.

So my advice would be to go for some after market add ons.

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Thanks unofix, I kind of suspected that option 3 wouldnt be legal but wasnt 100% sure as I have seen several other cars (various manufacturers) driving around with what looks like their fog/driving lights on and kind of assumed that maybe it was a normal setup with some manufacturers.  It seemed to be too common for everyone out there to be activating the feature via ForScan (or the other makes equivilent).

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Hi Alan, just a quick update on what looks like fog lights. My daughters Ecosport looks like it is using the fog lights as DRL's but in fact there are 2 bulbs fitted, a low power for the DRL's and a high power for the fog. I think this is a common option on some cars.

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