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Hey Ka drivers

So I bought my first car 🚗 thought it should a ford ka. How wrong could things go, its still a ford? Or so I thought to myself 🙂

So the problems I am experiencing are as follows;

Mileage flashing/blinking 

Reverse light stays on (periodically)

Paracitic draw/ battery drains within 48 hours ( draw is happing 

The mileage blinking - I found through some research, that my ecu needs an update. Atm I am too cheap to visit ford dealer for an update, and waiting for an elm 327 wite so i can do this myself and buy a 1 year license or what ever. Unless you guys know something/hack I could try that might fix it.


The reverse light, I have no clue since it’s random ( its not affected by weather as far I know, might be wrong) 


The parasitic draw. This might be related to the ecu that needs an update hence the milage flashing. But when i remove the 10amp fuse from the box below the interior. The draw stops. I recently removed the radio and placed the fuse back and this also removes the battery draw.


At this point I am not sure where to look, and as I am waiting for parts, I thought you have some tips, tricks or advice I could try out.


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Seems like removing the radio did not prevent the battery drain. The draw is still from f36 since I placed it back and removed the radio. 
Im not sure where I should go from here. Can it be the diagnostic that is not entering sleep mode? 

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4 hours ago, unofix said:

what is the amount of the paracitic current draw ?

Last current was at 220 milliamp, I might have read it wrong. 
I recently bought a starterkit and will try to charge it up and do another reading.

if anyone know where i can find a electronic diagram for fuse f36 would help alot.

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So I had the battery charged for 5 hours and read the fuse f36 at 150 milliamps. It was getting late so I didn’t  wait before reading the fuse since its constant draw from the fuse. 
but I will most likely do another reading.

When I removed the battery, I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary with the cables. Did a cleaning on the battery poles and connectors.

I also tried a dtc reading which gave me the usual P181D - cluch acuator solenoid. But not sure if its the cause or a symptom. 





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