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I have bought a Mk 7 2009 Fiesta with 195 50 R15s, my mechanic says it could do with a couple of new wheels. I've found a guy selling 4 x 205 50 R15 wheels from a Fiesta ST. Will they work on my car? They are same 108 PCD size.

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I can tell you now 205/50/r15 is not from the fiesta ST.

Your speedo will read a couple mph out at 70 though as the profile of the tyre is taken as a percentage of the width. As the width of the new tyre is larger, so is the overall circumference of the wheel/tyre.

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Hi Donald, well if the original wheels are steel and the replacment are steel then you should be good to go 👍 but as Luke has already said the replacment steel wheels would not have been original factory fit to a Fiesta ST.

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