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Kuga 2019 Auto Start Stop not working


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Evening all, picked up the Kuga in the week but can’t get the start stop to work. I’m used to the system on my BMW so not a novice with it. On the display when the u come to a stand the @ comes up with a line through and it’s out of gear foot off the clutch but the engine doesn’t cut out, the question is do u need the brake pedal depressed or should it work without? In the BMW u don’t need the brake pressed. 
also if during the journey I’ve pressed the @ button and turned it off do I need to turn the engine off again to cancel it, I’ve pressed the button so it’s turned back on but I’m clutching at straws for the reason. 
thanks in advance. 

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just search on the forums here, there are hundreds no, thousands and thousands of threads on the subject of Stop/Start.

In short the Ford system spends more time not working than it does working (which I actually like). There is a list of about 20 things that the car has to be happy about before it will "Stop" the engine. The most common reason why it mostly doesn't work is because the battery voltage is too low.

Now you have posted this Start/Stop thread expect it to run on for days and days  🥴🙁🤪

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I have not had S/S working on my Focus Vignalle since day TWO of picking the car up new but to be honest the car has had a few other issues which probably contributed to the S/S not working but as unofix has already said the Ford System (on the MK 4 Focus) needs lots of things to be just right for the S/S to work anyway.


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Try resetting the battery monitor.

Taken from Kuga owners club:

1. Get in to the car and do all from points 2 to 4 within 10 seconds. 
2. Turn on ignition with engine off (key in position II) . 
3. Turn on and of 5 times rear fog light switch . 
4. Turn on and of 3 times hazard light switch . 
5. If everything goes OK battery light will flash 3 times on cluster within next 15 seconds. 
6. Resetting BMS counter finish.

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I had the same issue before I was using my Kuga for private hire, have you by any chance got a dashcam hardwired? That will cause a heavy drain on the battery and eventually ruin it, as long as it is not minus temperature and you have more than a quarter of a tank of fuel it should kick in


Neutral, no foot on clutch or footbrake and it should kick in - battery plays a big part and I've read in recent year battery charge below 93% I believe it was will not allow start/stop to kick in! 



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