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Disable Focus mk2 kickdown

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My ford focus mk2 have an automatic gearbox. When I press the trottle at 100% in sequencial Mode, my car make Donwnshifts and upshifts which I don't want. It was impossible to run on dyno. Someone know how to disable? I have tried but didn't had success.

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Automatic cars (of all brands) have always had this design feature of a fast 'kickdown'! I remember doing it in an old 70s Granada and it operated the same. If you don't want the acceleration, and quick downshifts, don't press the pedal so hard LOL

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Yes. Kickdown is useful in OEM cars, but I made some modifications, I changed the camshafts and now I need to rev up 6500 RPM. I don't want to have to change the automatic gearbox to manual.

There must be some way.

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