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Just bought a new Focus st-line with the new keyless feature.

Opening and closing the doors and mirrors while the key is in the pocket is working fine outdoors. When the car is inside my garage or in an underground parking, it does not work.

I asked my country's central dealer for help and they say that in close places there is interference in reception (the car antenna cannot receive signals because of wave interference coming from the walls) and there is nothing that can be done.

I also own a Skoda with keyless system which works perfectly well indoors.

Is that reasonable? Should I really assume that there is noting Form can do about it?

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I suspect your car has a motion sensor key fob, which switches off (no signal) when not in use. Its a safety feature to prevent the fob being read by a device used by car thieves. Its activated when you pick it up and walk to your car. This has been introduced by Ford over the past year, check the owners manual which you can view on the Official Ford web

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Thank you for your reply Danny.

I don't think that's the issue. The problem is easily reproducible. I move the car out of the garage to the open air and the keyless system is working. I return the car to the garage and it's not working.

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