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Correct size spare wheel for 2018 St-line

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I’m looking to buy a full sized spare wheel (not a space saver ideally) for my 2018 St line as I’m not comfortable carrying just foam. 
I’ve not got my car with me at the moment otherwise I’d measure for myself but will a full sized wheel (205/45/17) fit in the boot correctly in that the carpet will sit right? If not, what’s the recommended size?




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The wheel will be a tight fit and at least 2 mabe 3 inches higher than the floor, best save your money and don't bother.

Buy the jack & brace & space & holder & space saver wheel, I've seen the whole set for £50 on ebay.

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52 minutes ago, Eric Bloodaxe said:

I have the factory option space saver + toolkit (14x5.5" wheel with 175/65x14 tyre). The boot floor fits perfectly flat.

Is that a larger than standard tyre on the space saver rim? I’ve seen them described as 125’s. Thanks. 

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Well, a 175 is clearly larger than a 125, but that's the standard size of the Ford optional space saver, so it does fit. I have seen 125/80 etc on EBay but they're not the same as Ford supply as a factory option.



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Pic here from another thread showing the 175/65 in situ which may help. It fits well below the level of the boot floor as you can see.


On 2/28/2019 at 4:34 PM, robbyvrs said:

My car came with the 18"s from factory and the spare wheel is a 14" with a 175/65 R14 tyre




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17 hours ago, GaryM72 said:

Thanks Ian. So, with the space saver in place will it be a perfect fit?

Yes it will fit in snugly, I've read no end of times where people have got a matching spare wheel only to see the problem, even I did it 🤭

Forget the whole idea of buying a new full sized wheel/tyre, the space saver will serve it's purpose if you do have a puncture, my brand new wheel/tyre is still in the shed! Wasted £200 😖

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