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Sync 1 to Sync 3 adaptor harness issues

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I'm aware there are a number of sources for these adaptor harnesses. Aliexpess seems littered with them. The problem I have with them (Not having bought one myself however) is they don't seem to have the correct connectors for the European fascia panels. For example:


This one from Aliexpress would seem to have no connection adaptor to the front fascia which you'd absolutely need when going from sync 1 to 3 because the front panel talks to the radio in a completely different way. Also as far as I can tell there is no need for the male Radio harness connector. All the signals from the ACM accessory port go straight to the APIM. Another connector the Sync 1 FCDIM is missing, this is how the steering wheel remote signals get to the APIM. Another one here does seem to have all the required connections despite calling out support for Ford Focus '12 to '18. Unless I'm missing something these harnesses won't work without further modification and are certainly not plug and play as advertised.

Does anyone have any feedback from using the Aliexpress harnesses that they could share?

I want to ask what interest (if any) there would be for me to offer these harnesses (with the correct connectors) and tried and tested on European Focuses? I've already ordered a fair amount of the kit to make two of them and I'd be happy to explain the detail of how to put these harnesses together in due course (ie once I know it works!) 

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4 hours ago, DaSingh said:

£119.65 | Bestycar 4" to 8" PNP Conversion Power Harness Fit for Ford SYNC 1 SYNC 2 to SYNC 3 Upgrade Kit w/4pin Connector USB Media HUB https://a.aliexpress.com/_mKkMhMZ


This is the correct one which I bought. 

Thank you for this, I'll study this against the wiring diagrams tonight.


Do you recall where those loose wires go? Expensive isn't it? So far I'm thinking they should cost no more than ~£50-60. I see you had the issue with the pre-made looms as well?

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Yes but this was the correct one and they sent instructions on where to put them pins. Super easy and worked first time. 

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