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Focus Without CD Player - Oops

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Just got my hands on a Focus Active X, it's been a while since I've bought a new car, but I didn't realise new cars might not include a CD player. I'm an old git and have hundreds of CDs, I phoned my local dealership up and they told me I should have included a CD player as an 'add in' and they can not install one afterwards. I really do not want to waste my time ripping hundreds of CDs to USB, so have therefore been looking at a CD player with USB (Such as - https://www.incarconnections.co.uk/car-stereo-accessories/retrofit-add-on-car-cd-player-via-usb-for-vehicles-without-a-cd-mech-adv-usbcd-by-connects2-adaptiv.html)

I'm finding a lot of them are incompatible with my Focus. Does anyone have any idea what I could do?



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Hi Peter,

This one has come up several times, but can't remember if anyone has found an aftermarket player compatible with Focus 4 -  I think not.

Ford do sell a CD player for the Fiesta, Puma and Ecosport as an accessory for retrofitting, but not for the Focus 4. At prices from around £270-350 plus fitting its not a  cheap option anyway.

Most of us without the factory CD option seem to have gone for ripping CDs on to a flash drive or using phones or other devices to store music. I didn't order one for my car, for instance, as I'd already copied loads of CDs on to a stick - been using the same one 10 years now, and just copy the odd new CD onto that from time to time.

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It doesn't take that long to rip,to memory stick it's not done in real time, one of the best things I've verdone.

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Just a shame Sync 3 is such a poor system to navigate when you want a particular track. :sad: 

I haven't used CD's for years either.  SD card in VAG cars, USB in Fords.

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The player you posted the link to could work, the compatibility list is very inconsistent (why would it work on a Focus Active, but not on a Focus Vignale, when they have the same Sync system). It is plug&play (USB only connection), so you could try it without proper installation, and just return it, if it doesn't work. I can see people trying with burnt CDs with an incompatible file system, and then thinking it is not compatible at all. This will not be an issue with original CDs or straight copies.

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