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Using Automatic Gearbox question

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HI all,


I've just purchased my second mondeo, but my first with an automatic gearbox, its a 2016 Vignale...I've not driven an automatic previously and have a question...


When you are at traffic lights, for example, and it looks like you will be stationary for a couple of moments, can you apply the electric parking brake, but leave the card in Drive, and take your foot off the brake?

Or do you have to move the lever to Park any time you apply the parking brake?






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You can do either - your choice. I sit with my foot on the brake and annoy the guy behind with my brake lights on! I find it easier to just hold the veh on footbrake so if slight forward movement of traffic can just ease foot off brake and let veh creep forward.

What engine have you got as different trans between petrol and diesel, not that it really matters

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Cheers, its a 2.0 litre diesel.   

Yeah I'm not a fan of sitting on the brake but maybe i should just get used to it!






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Ok, the petrol models have a normal torque converter type trans called the 6F35 Mid Range from Ford USA

The diesel have the Getrag Powershift wet clutch 6DCT450 (Used in many Volvo Models as MPS6)

The Getrag has the following feature called Neutral control. This paragraph is straight from the factory info manual.
This is a function that is activated when the driver stops and the vehicle is stationary, e.g., at a red light.
The Trans Control Mmodule disengages the clutches, which means that the transmission's forward drive is reduced, as
well as the engine load.
The function reduces both fuel consumption and vibrations. When the driver releases the brake, the
clutch torque increases on the clutch for which the gear is engaged, and drive increases.
The following conditions must be met in order for the neutral function to activate:
· gear lever in D or R.
· throttle position 0%
· brake pedal pressed down.
· speed 0 km/h.

So in the above conditions, even if you are in D, the trans is not under any load by trying to drive as it is in a Neutral mode - hence totally ok to sit with your foot on brake.

If you want to do it the other way, I would just put the HB on then release when ready to move.

Please note, it is MOST important on these transmissions to have transmission oil and filter change every 37,500 miles or 3 years whichever soonest

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I wouldn't recommend taking my foot off the brake whilst in D. Park brake or no park brake

Put it in "P"

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On the rare occasions when I find myself driving an automatic, if stopping for more than a few seconds,  I would apply the "handbrake" lever or switch and slip it into Neutral, same as with a manual. I would only use P to lock the transmission when leaving it parked, same as leaving a manual in gear.

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Dave, as explained in my post, Whe/If stationary, even when lever is in D position, the Getrag is not actually in a "Drive" mode

Alternatively I would do same as Roger if it was not a Getrag Powershift, but a normal torque converter type trans

I am on the naughty step because if I am driving a torque converter type I slip it fro D to N but still hold it on the footbrake

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