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2011 Mk3 1.6 tdci duretec. Total engine stumble for a split second .

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This stumble has been present for a few months .

Bit like the old mk 2 transit electric fuel shut off used to play up.

Any ideas waiting for scanner to arrive,

No codes on dash 

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8 minutes ago, Typhoonf2 said:

You sure it's not doing a dpf regen? Mine feels like you've tapped the brake pedal for a split second then goes back to normal.

Agree'd.  The Mk3 DV6 regen start is really noticeable if you're cruising at the time.  

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I had not thought about that thanks.

Scanner came today 

Updated it then hung it on .

No stored DTC on ABS TC.

ALSO cleared a couple of old  engine DTC.


I Will update as time runs on .

Thanks to all.

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Car repeated the above issue from cold this morning. 

Had new scanner on it yesterday  following  fault  found and cleared .

PO122 TPS Voltage low outside parameters 

PO223 TPS  Voltage high outside parameters.

They were stored as Pending faults not re checked but bet they have come back.

I am thinking Air Filter has not been changed for 5 years so maybe contributing to the issue.

Still starts and revs freely so not dead yet.👍

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Changing a 5 year old Air Filter is a good idea anyway, but if those codes have come back then it is likely to be a problem with your Accelerator Position Sensor or the wiring to it.

If you get yourself set up with FORScan you may be able to monitor it whilst driving to see if there is a glitch when the fault occurs.

In the meantime it would be a good idea to visually check the wiring and connector to it.

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