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How can I get help with proving the date of manufacture of a mk3 1.3L estate that i have recently acquired?

Swansea have issued me with a V5c with date of manufacture of 1999.

Yes, 1999 for a mk3!

I have returned the v5 along with a letter of explanation as well as an October edition of the Ford "Cars" catalogue which even has a picture of the exact trim and interior of the car as per late 1982.

They have written back re stating the car was made in 1999.

They require written proof from an owners club regarding the chassis number and date of manufacture. 

Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. 

Regards David Marshall. 

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So David either you have the wrong VIN / Chassis number or the DVLA have a fault with their system.

You are not going to get anything from an owners club that will satify DVLA regarding date of manufacture. If you write to Ford customer relations UK with the VIN number I'm sure they would be able to give you an exact date that it came off the production line.

Is this car a Grey Import ?

What does this site say about the age of your car ?    https://driving-tests.org/vin-decoder/


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Appreciate your speedy reply.

Yes, you could call it a grey import.

It arrived in Northern Ireland from Germany .

When I'm not sure as I had no documentation at all except for the German owners manual in the glove box. The car has a 1999 local registration on it .That is what DVLA are obviously going with.

There is no doubt as to its being manufactured in 1982 as a number of parts I've had off are dated thus.

Can you furnish me with contact details for Ford customer relations?

Many thanks,David. 

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You can contact Ford Motor Company by phone on 020 3564 4444 or email our Customer Relationship Centre at UKCRC1@ford.com.

Opening hours for the Customer Relationship Centre are as follows:

Monday to Friday  08:00 - 18:30

Postal Address for the CRC:

Ford Customer Relationship Centre
Royal Oak Way South
NN11 8NT

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Is your car LHD ?

When it was given a UK registration number the DVLA must have had the previous German registration document and/or its import document otherwise HMRC would have wanted to claim Tax on it if they thought it was new.


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I really do appreciate your help on this.

Thank you for the phone number and address.

Yes, the Escort is lhd.

I'd imagine HMRC have had their ransom for it back in the 90s when it was brought in.

I'll contact Ford and let you know how I got on.


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