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Ford focus st-2 2006 22k miles

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Just wondering the actual value of my uncle's car, he wants to sell it as he can't drive anymore. It's a 2006 Ford focus st-2 with 22k miles, 1 owner, full Ford service history. Still has the original brake pads. If anyone could value it that would be very appreciated and would maybe even sell it to you if your interested. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures right now but I know it has a small scuff on the front and rear bumpers. Thanks, Jake.

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The low mileage will be it's best selling point. I've not seen one that old with such low mileage for a while now.

However, if you're trying to sell it as a mint car with one owner and full service history, the condition of the car has to reflect that. Any sort of bumps, scrapes and rust will just plummet the value of it.

The other problem is there's not many people looking for an ST-2 to keep as a low milage "forever" or "unmolested" car. They get super modified so people would rather have a cheaper car with higher mileage as the head will be coming off for the block mod, and clutch changed anyway.

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Thanks, was thinking about selling it for around £7,000. Does that sound good or should I go a little more? I'm gonna fix the few scuffs on the body work before I sell it anyway.

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