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Air Vent Controlers Left One Not Working

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2011 focus 1.6 tdci .

Central Air vent controller for left hand vents rotates but does not alter which vent is open Both are Closed.

When I  rotate it up or down

I  can hear a slight difference in Air flow .

Right one working as it should.

Is it electric controlled or wire cable controlled?

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Ment to say the Right working controller has resistance to rotation. 

The left one Does Not it rotates with much less pressure as though its not connected to anything. 

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Answered my own question.

Looked on u tube its a cartridge  that to gain access to you have to remove the centre console 

Same as you would to change radio front. 

Then you  just un plug electric wiring and unclipped the air vent. And replace as a unit.

It's electricly operated so rotater switch Is damaged.


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