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Engine/Transmission Malfunction MK2 1.6 Petrol Auto - My First car


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Hi guys,

Just recently had a issue come up on my 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 Petrol Automatic, this has been happening since I bought the car.

  • 95,000 Miles, Had a gearbox change (unknown condition) 2 years ago.
  • Drives normal for a while
  • The first day I drove it back, the revs were high but there were no warning messages, Speeds were struggling.
  • Since then, Engine Malfunction error (happens at low speeds or at high speed, completely random)
  • High revs, but doesn't accelerate well
  • Sounds rough, probably due to high revs
  • The first day I drove it back, the revs were high but there were no warning messages
  • Once the car struggled to switch on, but did start on 2nd attempt. This hasn't happened since.
  • When engine is off, and switched on again, it shows Transmission Malfunction, but still goes into D and R.
  • Does NOT go into Limp mode
  • Fault isn't shown after a few hours, or next day. However the error starts again when I drive again.
  • Stopped driving it as I don't want to make it worse.

If i use a  Forscan while the codes aren't there e.g startup, would the codes still show up?

This was bought from a used dealer 1 month ago, they are washing their hands of all responsibility, he only wants to recommend a garage where I still need to pay, and wont take car back for a refund.

The did sell it without a warranty, but listing did not state as sold as seen or faulty. I've started a section 75 claim, but have been told this could take 6 months. 

Thinking about doing sending in the instrument cluster for repair provided by some eBay sellers. Otherwise might need to store until card company get back to me.

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Hi, sorry to hear you are having trouble.

When you say the revs were high. How high exactly?

Firstly, has the gearbox got the correct amount of oil in??

Check when warm with engine running.

Yes, the dreaded MK2 instrument cluster issue could be causing this, shift points are controlled through the instrument cluster through the CAN.

Forscan will give you all the codes you are getting with ignition on only, as long as you have the right lead.

Good luck.

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Hi Ra, my thoughts is the auto box wants it's oil changed. I have seen almost the exact same list of faults you have on a 2010 Kuga, we were expecting the worst!

Ford main dealer said it most likely wants the gearbox serviced which basically means drain the oil and refill. We had the 'service' on the gearbox done and the car has been fine since, no warning messages and gearbox working normally again.

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4 hours ago, DaveT70 said:

Yes, the dreaded MK2 instrument cluster issue could be causing this

I had this exact same issue with my instrument cluster, took it out and re-soldered the connections and all working fine (Been over a year now)

To see if this is the problem, start the car, loosen the screws for the instrument cluster and then move the cluster back and forth. If it is the instrument cluster when you move it about the fault should appear and disappear.

It's a really easy fix if it is the instrument cluster...

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