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Hi have a 2012 Focus with 18" alloys which are in bad condition, tyres need changing soon and are expensive to change as do high mileage. Been looking to get some 16" for better ride comfort, eventual cheaper tyres (will be more to begin with, with buy alloys) and a better turning circle (18" have a steering rack stop I believe).

I have been looking on the ford website at alloys and it says a set of 16" are compatible with my car. I searched the ford item on ebay and they show up as mk3 alloys and are not compatible. I emailed ford (official parts) and ford gates (ebay seller) who both say I cannot use these alloys. Ford then go on to say I need to email them codes of alloys as they cant just tell me which ones would work?!

Can anyone suggest what alloys I could use and why these wont work?

The ones I have or are the same design - 18" Part No. 1698635 Single alloy wheel, 8j x 18", offset 55, fit with 235/40 R18 tyre

18" Link

The ones I wanted - 16" Part No. 2238319 Single alloy wheel, 7j x 16", offset 50, fit with 205/55 R16 or 215/55 R16 tyres


Many thanks Steve

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They will fit but will be further inside the arches so you will need spacers and also you will need to use the MK2 nuts as they are different.

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A 2012 Focus Must be a MK3. The production of the MK2.5 stopped in 2010 and the production of the MK3 started in 2011.


These 16 Inch wheels are a direct fit to a Focus MK3. No need to use spacers or to change the wheel nuts.

The original 16 Inch and 17 Inch wheels have an offset of 50 mm. The original 18 Inch wheels have an offset of 55 mm and sit 5 mm further to the inside to compensate for the increased width. Spacers are only required for a higher offset.

The early Focus MK3 (up to 03-12-2012) did have the new technical design Global Wheels combined with the old technical design wheel nut for alloy wheels. These wheel nuts are fully compatible with both the old technical design alloy wheels and the new technical design Global Wheels.

However the steering rack limiters can not be removed. On the Focus MK3 the steering rack limiters consist of 2 plastic spacers that limit the range of the steering rack and a software configuration to limit the power steering. The plastic spacers can be removed but since the limitation of the power steering can not be undone removing the plastic spacers will not bring anything.

When performing the procedure to activate of the power steering limitation (as part of the steering rack limiter installation) using the Ford IDS or FRDS diagnostic systems there is warning that this procedure can not be undone. Because many people want to remove the steering rack limiters (even without the limiters the 18 Inch wheels will not rub) I investigated this matter extensively. Unfortunately there is no possibility to remove the power steering limitation. Even reconfiguring the PSCM module using the configuration of PSCM without steering rack limiters or completely reprogramming the PSCM software does not remove the power steering limitation.

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I stand corrected 😂 was sure somebody said spacers where needed for MK2 wheels or maybe was the opposite way round. That is good to know as I have my original steelies from my MK2.5 which will now become winter wheels 😁 thanks for being informative as always @JW1982

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Hi sorry late reply I meant mk3, so I can use those wheels brilliant. Do/Should I change to nuts?

Also when get tyres changed do they normally reuse the tpm sensors or do i need new ones?I

So change tyres and then use forscan to change speedo tyre size and thats it?

Many thanks

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A 2012 Focus MK3 does not have TPMS sensors.

If the car has a tire deflation detecting system at all it has the optional DDS system that uses the ABS sensors.

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