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Can anyone please help, I have correctly updated the sync 3 to my recently purchased Focus 2018 via the download to USB.

i have downloaded the Map update the same to USB which is 23GB, however when I plug into car the sync recognisers that a USB has been connected but nothing else happens no text to say start update etc, I have even driven the car for approx 30 minutes but nothing happens?

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39 minutes ago, Micky8 said:

I have correctly updated the sync

Not sure about that statement but lets see if we can help you out.

First did you format the USB to 'ExFat' ?

Next you need to create a folder on the USB called  SyncMyRide

Place the downloaded file inside the folder.

Place the Autoinstall file on the USB but not inside the folder.

Remove all USB devices from all USB ports on the car.

Start engine and Insert the USB with the Sync update in the the USB at the front of the centre console

After about 30 seconds installation will start.


see the following for full details: https://www.fordownersclub.com/search/?q=syncmyride&quick=1




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Did you remove the SYNC 3 update from the USB before you put the map update on the USB itself ?

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Many thanks for your reply, I did have the USB ExFat and the download files were copied ok,  I have done what you suggested I cleared the USB and started again and created a folder syncMyRide then copied the files into this from the download, Inserted into car and all is ok, it took approx 30 minutes for stage one and then 45 minutes stage 2. All up to date now.

once again my first question as new member has been successfully answered and resolved Many Thanks.


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