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MK3 Headlight Condensation

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Have had the common headlight condensation, have followed a YouTube video to sort this but after a week or so it has come back.

Had used Granville Silicon Sealant, looking at the headlight now it’s not sealed & could rub it off with my finger.

Had left the headlight inside for a day after applying the sealant/drying the headlight out, can anyone recommend a sealant that will do the job/they have used so can have another go at it?

Thanks in advance!👍

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try clear aquarium sealant, used for sealing s/hand aquariums or building new ones. Not cheap but if it works ...................

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You could try this stuff from  https://www.x-seal.co.uk

I saw it recommended in Car Mechanics magazine for just your problem, I have no experience of it myself.

Once you use it to soak into the gaps then the parts will not come apart later.

On a historical note it looks like a refined version of a marine product called Thistlebond which I have some experience while at sea many years ago and used for sealing fractures in steel pipes. It was really popular and worked well. Very pricey but it didn't come out of my pocket.


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I'm having the same, the bottom bung is always full of water when removed, we already sealed the whole top with gutter sealant, but I guess next we're doing the sides and bottom.

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