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Hey all,

I am after a way to remove my locking wheel nuts, the key i have has been rounded off at some point before i brought the car and  i do not have the code to order a replacement key.

I have been to a few local garages and they all say to take it to ford and they can use the master key set to remove them. I contacted my local ford garage and they have quoted me £90+ to remove all 4, I'm sorry but there has to be a cheaper way to remove them that that.

I have a reverse thread nut remover from my previous car, but it wont fit over this type of locking nut. 

I've tried to upload a picture but it keeps throwing me an error.

The type of nut is large round one with notches cut out at certain places, 

Any help would be much appreciated, 

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Should be able to smack a socket over the smaller spigot though.

Failing that a backstreet garage will get them off for less than Fords prices.

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I tried kwikfit, they said to take it to ford, they have a tool that could possibly get them off but could damage the wheels in the process.

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If it's really that tight around the edges you'll have to weld a smaller nut on top of it.  I haven't seen anyone need those new style nuts removed so far but I don't see how there can be a master key for them.

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try ats or a back street garage they should be able to drill them and then hammer something in to turn it or pay the money and go to ford..pro tyre did something smiliar on an audi tt i had before the fiesta 🙂

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