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Focus MK3 1.0 ecoboost crank no start

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Hi guys, I'm hoping someone may be able to help me out. 

I bought myself a 2012 focus estate that had been neglected it seems and on the trip home it blew the head gasket as the radiator hoses hadn't been connected correctly. 

Long story short, the seller didn't want to know, so I ended up replacing the head gasket myself along with the coolant splitter above the transmission and the engine block thermostat.

However I can get it to crank over but it won't catch now.

I've got good compression, new plugs, New crankshaft sensor, fresh oil, new timing belt and water pump and the battery seems good. There's fuel going through the rail, and the coil packs give a spark when tested against the engine block.  The timing was set following the guide using the specialist tools.

Torque isn't flagging up any error codes, though we've deliberately triggered codes to test the interface ( unplugged the MAF sensor etc)

Does anyone have any ideas what we could try next? I'm plumb out of ideas now. 


Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers, Tim

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