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Hope someone can help.


I have a 2017 Focus Titanium X, it has global closing. With this hot weather all the windows were down when we went out in the car yesterday, I locked the car and held the lock button down to activate the global closing and sure enough all the windows started to close but the rear drivers side window got so far up and started to go back down again. I tried the global closing again and the window went up only to come down again. So I tried closing the window with the button on the door, same thing goes up so far and comes back down. So I tried clearing any debris that maybe in the window seals and eventually the window went up and stayed up. Now the window will operate with the button on the door but if I try and open all the windows with the global feature every window opens but the drivers side rear, if I open that window manually myself and try to close all the windows with the global closing hen again all the windows close but the problematic driver side rear. It's strange that the window will still open and close with the button on the door tho.


Any ideas how to fix the global opening / closing feature?




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Thanks for this I will try this, the car is currently in the garage with a stuck clutch issue lol

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Yes, reset the windows and apply some silicone lubricant in the run seals so the glass runs smoother

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