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Best remap/tuning service for a 2015 Ford Focus 1.5 TDCi 120bhp


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Hi, new to Ford Owners Club. Always thought about remapping/tuning my 2015 Ford Focus Zetec S TDCI but not sure what's best. I have looked up this RaceChip and they seem well developed... but after reading some comments elsewhere, I hear the gearbox can cause issues after remapping - I'm slightly cautious about buying and installing the RaceChip/getting it tuned. Any suggestions or general views about tuning my specific engine?

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Racechip is a glorified tuning box, but £300. I ran a tuning box on mine that was £65, did exactly the same job.

Tuning boxes don't really give any maximum BHP increase but they do increase throttle response and move peak torque a bit further down the rev range.

My average MPG went from 52MPG to 59MPG with the box on.

Fuel rail connector is a b*****d to get to, I went in from the top.

Be careful on remapping, the gearbox is weak on the 1.5, even superchips never remapped manuals to more than 300NM. Do not let the remapper remove the torque limiter

Whatever route you go down, don't floor it in 1st gear

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