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Retrofit Active Park Assist to MK3.5 ST

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I am already aware that 6 rear sensors and 6 front sensors can be installed on the Ford Focus ST.


There is already a forum explainingin detail how to retrofit automatic parking on a MK3.5 Ford Focus.

My question is, can this be retrofitted into the ST's with the different suspension set up; e.g. will the wheel turn or will it not program to the car. 

Has anyone succesfully done this before. 

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Whatever the details are for retrofitting auto park on a MK3.5 will work on yours.

But ask yourself, do you really need it? And after the hassle of retrofitting, how many times will you actually use it?

Retrofitting front sensors is a good idea, they do come in handy

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I had a car with self park (well two cars actually). It was fun for the first few weeks then I got board, it takes far too long to park, needs enough space for two cars and really is still at this time just a gimimck. Maybe in years to come it will get better but probably by then humans won't be allowed to drive any ways.

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