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2007 Headlights


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Passenger side is discolouring on top edge [brown staining like mould on outside] drivers side condensation tried drying out etc running lights on a long journey, no joy. Decided to change both got some pretty black interior ones immaculate from scrappy £40 the pair. Thought dropped in my head upgrade to LED vids show it to be a doddle and much brighter. My question is why the hell such a huuuuuge difference in price, between 15 and 120 quid. Anyone any experience or thoughts on brands or just stick with "normals" ?


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I spent, and wasted much time 'upgrading' my last cars headlights to LED Bulbs. There are all sorts of legalities that could be broached which I'm sure the sticklers will post soon. The main issue is that the built in reflector is designed for a halogen bulb, the LED bulb has totally different characteristics. I tried several 'cheap Chinese' ones, and although they looked superficially bright when switched on, on driving at night, they were 10 times worse than halogen!

The guy in the video is using Osram ones, this is the route I would go, if you do get LED Bulbs, at least make sure it's a proper brand rather than an unbranded one which just has a good advert! At least you stand a chance of actually improving the light output rather than worsening it...

Like I say, probably illegal (the box will usually state, 'for off road use only', but only if you are fussy about that type of thing LOL

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Finally finished swapping and putting it all back together, also swapped the chrome grill bit for a plain black. Ive opened yet another can of worms, headlights on full inc main beam and i get what i can only describe as a glitter effect and it looks like its on the inside of the lens, if i can get a decent pic i'll post up. new units looked immaculate fully inspected. Am thinking bulbs or dirty inside ? or normal [i think not]


Detailed the engine bay whilst in there.

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