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New Puma acquired on Saturday


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Hi all,

I picked up my Puma ST on Saturday after having a new Kuga.

Initially regretted my choice and missed the Kuga.

However, as soon as the Odo clicked over 20 miles and I pressed the throttle to the floor I was smitten.

Granted the ride is a little crashy, exhaust is a little intrusive and booms a bit (Sounds like a Chav wagon according to the Mrs, especially during Cat warm phase up when cold) 

B&O Speakers rattle a little, less than the Kuga & it sounds better in the Puma IMO.


I've attached a pic of my new & old rides.


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On 6/29/2021 at 7:50 AM, Keith Haigh said:

I got mine on Saturday 26/6 same as yours I Frozen White 

does yours have a charging pad


yes mine does have charging pad although no place for sunglasses!

what spec is yours?

the only option I have is performance pack. 

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I ordered mine 2 weeks ago. I was told I would be looking at the end of October for delivery. I believe the semi-conductor shortage might ease this month as the factories go back into production again. Fingers crossed.

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