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Ford Fiesta Mk 7 2013 tdci performance upgrades

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Hi guys,

I've been looking through loads of different forums looking for this answer but can’t find it anywhere! 

I’ve got a 2013 fiesta mk7 tdci 95bhp van 

love the van but it’s mega slow 🤣

So I could do with knowing what everyone has put on there’s and part numbers if possible -




air intake

egr delete

dpf delete (exhaust) 


I would be much appreciated if anyone has this info and maybe company’s who make exhaust systems etc 

Cheers Joe 👍🏻




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Hi Joe,

Why not a simple remap?

The likes of Superchips and Quantum tuning for example, quote increases of about 25 bhp and 50Nm for their remaps with no other mods.

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Thanks for the reply, I own a garage so going full bore isn’t an issue really and the mods I want to do are quite easy.


I could just do with knowing what fits etc before splashing out cash on a turbo etc and it doesn’t fit 🤣


I’ve got a figure of 200bhp in mind if it’s doable 🙈

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