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MK 7 12V socket stopped working


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I plugged my dashcam into the 12V socket today, there was a big spark and it stopped working.

From what I can see I have the Type 1 fusebox and according to the manual the "Cigar lighter" is at position 22 and should be a 20A fuse.

Having looked at it, there's an intact Ford original 7.5A fuse in that position. I've swapped it for a known working fuse but no luck.

The car is a 2012 Ford Fiesta, pre-facelift.

Does anyone know if I've got the correct fuse, should I be looking anywhere else?




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The diagram I have says the layout is like I said above. Not sure why there wasn't a fuse in that position when you said it used to work, however it must be the right fuse as it started working again when you put one in the slot.

If you're worried then stick a 7.5 amp fuse in there. You won't need anywhere near that current to run a dashcam.

Really you should hardwire the dash cam in so you don't have a wire trailing over the dashboard and saves you plugging/unplugging it all the time.

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I have no idea why there was no fuse there, if there had been a blown 20A fuse there it would have saved me a lot of bother! I will have to find the correct diagram online.

I have put the wire underneath various bits of trim so it's not in the way. I had planned on hardwiring it but was worried about draining the battery as the 12V socket is always powered.

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